Summer's back, and you know what that means: Barley Rose craft shows! We're traveling across Pennsylvania and New Jersey with Barley Rose soap to spread cleanliness, amazing fragrances, and even a bit of environmental awareness.

If you've visited our Shop page recently, you may have noticed that our supply is running low at the moment because of the high demand for our soap. Because we're selling so much, we're adapting our output to meet all our customers' needs. What this means for you is that in the next two months, most or all of our soap should be available again on the website so you can buy conveniently online! And don't forget that we also fill orders via email and phone. Don't be shy! Call or email and we'll tell you what's available, then we'll ship it out to you.
-Roxanne Sagala

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Inspired by the idea of a Moroccan street market, our brand new Marrakesh Express soap holds a fragrance that'll transport you right out of the daily grind. Like all Barley Rose soaps, it's all-natural and cleans skin without drying it out. A bath with Marrakesh Express will leave you feeling great in all climates--but if you run into a sandstorm, you're on your own.